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This is the best Megan Fox celeb fake I’ve ever seen. The brunette movie star slut is on her knees with a dude fucking her from behind. He’s been pounding her celeb pussy hard and he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and blows his load all over her ass, leaving the sticky spunk there for her to lick up. The body in the picture looks just like Megan Fox nude. This is totally what she would be like if she were a naked slut! Her big lips look amazing as usual and her blue eyes are sparkling and incredibly arousing. Everything she does is amazing.

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Jennifer Lopez nude pussy dildo playThe beautiful Jennifer Lopez is doing a comic porn picture. She probably wouldn’t agree to this sort of characterization but we don’t really care because we get to see Jennifer Lopez nude. She’s wearing black high heels but everything else is exposed and the most important part is that we have a great shot of her celebrity pussy getting fucked with a dildo. She forces the toy up inside and if you were there she would probably be moaning like crazy. You know this celebrity slut craves pleasure all the time.

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Paz de la Huerta on

Paz de la Huerta is famous for being on Boardwalk Empire, but she’s arguably even more famed for being a sizzling mess. Clothes just can’t stay on the girl, and booze just can’t stay out of her. Paz appeared in court this week to face the fruits of her booze-soaked fury- assault charges stemming from a recent incident where she threw a glass at reality show “star” Samantha Swerta. While the court appearance did require her to wear clothes, Paz decided to bring her trademark naked panache to the proceedings by stopping in the middle of her security screening to slather her legs with lotion. Alllllllll the way up her legs. Qouth a stunned onlooker: “She did both legs all the way up to the thighs. It was lovely. Very nice lotioning!”

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Anne Hathaway on

Anne Hathaway Sexy Pics

Luckily for Anne Hathaway, the world has largely forgotten that her ex, Raffaello Follieri, was sent to prison for fraud in 2008. Hathaway and Follieri dated for 4 years, and the relationship ended when Hathaway dumped the Italian con artist bare days before his arrest. Follieri is currently serving a four year prison sentence for conning wealthy investors out of millions of dollars, and according to the Enquirer, he and the Oscar hostess are still in touch. Hathaway has a new beau, 30-year-old Adam Shulman, but according to the Enquirer, she exchanges letters with Follieri and he has even been giving her career and business advice from jail. Friends are warning Hathaway to stay away from Follieri when he is released from prison in 2012- could it be because she is still sweet on him? A Vanity Fair piece about Follieri delineated their affair as “passionate” and even alleged that Hathaway told him he was “the love of [her] life” when they broke up. Could she be taking on a new role as a big house broad?

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Kelly Osbourne Gives Christina Aguilera a Verbal Rattling

Christina Aguilera on

Christina Aguilera on

Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of one of the most feared women in rock, Ozzy Osbourne’s wifey and manager Sharon Osbourne, and it looks like she inherited her mother’s sharp tongue. Kelly blurted out what must have been years of hushed-up hatred for Christina Aguilera this weekend at a taping of E’s Fashion Police- when host Joan Rivers remarked that Aguilera was “stuffed into” a dress she wore on the red carpet, Kelly threw this profanity-filled communicatory firebomb:

“Maybe she is just becoming the fat b–h she was born to be. I don’t know. She was a c–t to me. She called me fat for so many f–ing years, so you know what? F–k you, you’re fat too.”

Considering it’s been over a year since Kelly debuted her dramatically slimmed-down new body, she must have been keeping that in for a very long time. Moral of the story? Don’t f*ck with an Osbourne- like elephants, they never forget. Not that we’re comparing you to an elephant, Kelly. Please don’t hurt us!

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Scarlett Johannson on

Scarlett Johannson Sexy Pics & Clips

Scarlett Johannson must have spent the last month hitting the bottle, because now she’s got one hell of a “Hangover”…actor, that is. Scarlett, who broke up with her last beau Sean Penn just over a month ago, reportedly got very close to Hangover co-star Justin Bartha at a dinner party in Manhattan this weekend. Fellow partygoers were eager to spill the beans on the cosy new couple, saying the pair was “completely engrossed in each other” and barely spoke to anyone else at the party. No word on whether they left the party together for a night cap.

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drawn avril lavigne

Think that Avril Lavigne would look real hot dressed in sexy lacerated stockings and nothing else? Yeah, this porn picture will give you the chance to check it out – and even more! Take a look at irresistible little candy naked Avril enjoying a wild reverse cowgirl ride on a huge dick! Get full access now!

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Megan Fox on
Katie Holmes on

Ok, ok, so they’re better known for sucking all the air out of scenes than stealing them. That hasn’t stopped Megan Fox and Katie Holmes, who both picked up so-called awards for their questionable oeuvres this week. Megan was honored by the Maui Film Festival for being “a film artist with heartfelt respect for the environment and a willingness to support the causes she believes in,” ie not for acting. Back in Tinseltown, Katie Holmes received the “Face of the Future” award from the Women in Film Foundation, despite first breaking into the business over 15 years ago with her role on Dawson’s Creek. (Though the award was a marked advancement over last year’s winner, Bette Davis.)

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nude avril lavigne

Seductive Avril Lavigne is no longer the goodie-goodie teen rebel that she used to be – now she’s a grownup lady adventurous enough to try really wild bang. Don’t believe it? This free celeb porn fake gallery will prove it to you – go see Avril Lavigne get all of her holes destroyed! Get full access now!

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